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publicCreated 12/22/121

We play Wolfteam , Soldier Front , AVA , Born To Fire . WE NEED YOU TO BE ONE OF US ! , JOIN THE LYCANS FROM UNDERWORLD NOW ! You can change the world to become UNDERWORLD ! a message from xTit...


publicCreated 01/03/132

Nous sommes les faucons!Rien ne nous arrete! On veille a ce que tu rage des que tu joue avec nous!


publicCreated 01/04/132

une ptite team francaise qui pown du noob , si t'es francais et que t'aime deconer , viens par la camarade !


publicCreated 01/13/131

Los mas chingones gamer


publicCreated 01/19/131

Group for all Ava players NA or Eu is allowed come join!