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publicCreated 11/18/0992

This group is for talking about anime and making friends only!?!! NO FIGHTING PLEEZE!!!! 3-Strikes ur out ok!?!!


publicCreated 11/28/0919

Hiya all This group is about anything. Colours, videos, what you like, what you eat, where you live BUT >.> I don't want too much information that you can, er, be in danger. ^.^ ...


publicCreated 12/09/095

This is a Clan made to help new players and to talk about the anime 1/2 prince. We don't limit our selves to just that. We will also be active in in-game events, such as this beta. We don't discrimina...


publicCreated 01/24/108

Group of Noble and friendly people. Talkative, nice people or aliens welcome =). Selfish, unrespectful, no manner what so ever ***** will be completely rejected. Ask questions, about any game, or an...


publicCreated 07/19/102

only 1 person in it so far lol so join and will make up sum numbers, this will proberly become the best group aswell and girls more than wellcome!! peace