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publicCreated 09/26/091413

YO YO YO! WE ARE AWSOME! and you shall join because this group's awsomness will make you join :). we are a cool/chill group with random discussions. GIGGITY


publicCreated 10/10/097

cool funny helpful late night talks mostly just what you want to talk about or what you want to do


publicCreated 10/22/092

Our Guild


publicCreated 11/02/0967

Sup everyone. This is a group to do whatever you want, seriously. But not the "whatever you want" as in WHATEVER you want. Just talking about ANYTHING YOU WANT! Get it...? Don'...


publicCreated 11/09/0930

Anybody who loves epic combat, fights, or battles Anybody who loves music Anybody who loves weapons Anybody who loves animating/animations Anybody who loves art, drawing, or anime Anybody who lov...