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publicCreated 01/24/108

Group of Noble and friendly people. Talkative, nice people or aliens welcome =). Selfish, unrespectful, no manner what so ever ***** will be completely rejected. Ask questions, about any game, or an...


publicCreated 01/29/107

and this group for those who like the game xenosaga.:D


publicCreated 01/29/1012

This Group is for all peaople who like this web-cite this group is also for any people in any country we talk about aeria games any game you like to talk about and if your new we show you around this ...


publicCreated 02/10/1028

For those who love Anime's such as Naruto,Bleach and any other anime for that matter! This is the group for you! :D


publicCreated 02/12/1015

This group is for anime lovers. Everyone that loves anime is welcome! ^.^ *Must play Grand Fantasia to participate in events*