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publicCreated 01/12/10470

Para los fanaticos de Naruto Offcourse pero tambien de otras series muy especiales que nos significaron mucho en nuestras vidas como: -Bleach -Digimon -Naruto Shippuden -Detective Conan -Fairy Ta...


publicCreated 01/14/108

dise ingles pero pueden entrar ispanos ps yo soy colombiano XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD aki hablaremos d todo lo d video juegos y anime muajajajajajajaja


publicCreated 01/20/104

This group was made to celebrate the world of ice and all who love the Element so please jion if you love the element ice or anything to do with Ice or anime. XD :D


publicCreated 01/21/1013

I got the name From my aeria gamer name.any ways this is the Team for making new friends and just meeting people and talk about games.any game you like we will talk about in the Recon_Bombers


publicCreated 01/24/1049

If you are fans of Soul Eater then this is the place for you! We mainly talk about Soul Eater and we also do role play! I've created a characters list of some Soul Eater characters. So it would be gre...