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publicCreated 12/23/097

welcome to 247anime-talk!!!here you can talk about all anime anything (but nothing perverted!!!!)or else!!!!i hope you like it.


publicCreated 12/23/095

This group is for ALL aeria members that have a crunchyroll account!


publicCreated 12/24/098

Clan solo para los que les guste el Anime Clan En Español


publicCreated 01/02/108

This group is open to anyone interested in anime, games, manga, or anything intersesting in the world. Just wanna hang out, play, or chat about things then this is the place to be.


publicCreated 01/03/1020

This is for people who enjoy anime/manga, especially Goth Lolita, Magical Girl, Mahou Magical Girl, and other Shoujou~esque genres~ This group does not exclude based on gender nor on sexual orientatio...