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publicCreated 04/26/131

This group is for any one who likes Shonen anime, manga, video games and more. This is not just for shonen jump, it is for all things shonen, join today!!!


publicCreated 05/02/133

Zapraszam wszystkich fanów anime i mangi ;D


publicCreated 05/05/131

This is for artist who want to show of there art and or want compete against each other. Original art and fan art is accepted too, there will also be art competitions after we have at lest 3 members. ...


publicCreated 05/11/131

bueno mis grupo trata de hablar de anime y sus recomendaciones, también si sabes dibujar anime o algo parecido (yo igual se dibujar muy bien anime)pues puedes unirte


publicCreated 05/14/133

Group of people who love Scarlet Blade