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publicCreated 02/21/133

Social group for fans of anime and-line games and games excitement and also meet the good and useful proposals and we have the latest versions of various games and anime films and excitement.


publicCreated 02/23/131

Fate/Zero fans


publicCreated 02/26/1352

Do you love music or animes, maybe both well then this is the clan for u


publicCreated 03/01/1357

Nothing much to it, if you like anime this is the place for you. Feel free to say whatever you like, this is a new guild btw. you can always visit our chat site Ps. Please in...


publicCreated 03/13/131

Uhh.....Well hi, Pretty much if you like Anime or MLP You can join c: T-that's all I Have for now, If that's okay with you..