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publicCreated 01/23/134

Für Freunde zum Spaß haben!!! xD


publicCreated 01/25/139

I dedicate this group to the music that makes our favorite anime what it is! =3


publicCreated 01/31/132

to love ru game aeria manga anime my balls


publicCreated 02/03/131

If you love Ouran High school host club then this is the group for you! If your favorite is Tamaki,Kyoya,Hikaru,Kaoru,Takashi,Honey, Haruhi or even Renge it doesn't matter! You'll be welcomed with smi...


publicCreated 02/21/13141

Welcome! Well hey there... this groups is for any manga or anime fans specially Fairy Tail so if you share our interest why don't join us XD