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publicCreated 11/12/127

This is a group were you talk about sweet things, hobbies,anime,and more just lease don't curse at all.And just have fun and chat with new people and make new friends or just chat with friends, just h...


publicCreated 11/12/122

Aeternum, where nobles and knights are the future of the greatest kingdoms. -"Not alone, but at your side will I stand forever"- angelslove


publicCreated 11/19/12131

This group is dedicated to socialize and express their thoughts to the anime or manga that they love especially SAO. Feel free to talk to anyone of the members. Enjoy guys.


publicCreated 11/20/121

happy, and fun group about anime!


publicCreated 11/21/123

if you love anime than i recommend this clan to you, we make the uchihas look like sadistic, emo,jerks with a BIG ego