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publicCreated 12/12/0911

This is for people who lost a love or want/need one... when you come hav fun and add me


publicCreated 12/13/0922

Hello LUCKIES! This group is for any and all fans of the anime comedy, Lucky Star. Whether you are lazy and an "otaku" like Konata, cool and hot tempered like Kagami, sweet and absent-mind...


publicCreated 12/14/0910

Requirments- uhhhmm..... OH 1. YOUZ MUST BE AN INTENSE GAMER D=<


publicCreated 12/16/0911

It about anime fans, who like anime, read it, watch it and talking about anime. And this is for u, then. But if u like anime u should join this. :3 ^-^


publicCreated 12/19/0912

Welcome to the Rangiku Matsumto fanclub!