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publicCreated 10/12/1210

Well this is the main clan of Anime-ai. Due to some malfunctions with the lower guild, all clan members may either stay and join this clan. Well have fun as much as the times you had on the mini clan!...


publicCreated 10/14/123

For thos how dare enter the dark forest an eternity of entertainment awaits XP


publicCreated 10/22/1269

eyyyy este grupo lo eh creado con el fin de compartir informacion sobre animes MUY BUENOS y acer recomendaciones. A la vez de videojuegos


publicCreated 10/22/121



publicCreated 11/12/127

This is a group were you talk about sweet things, hobbies,anime,and more just lease don't curse at all.And just have fun and chat with new people and make new friends or just chat with friends, just h...