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publicCreated 03/09/104

The air date for Yumeiro Patissière Professional is set to October 3. That means the first season will have 52 episodes, or something close to that. The second season will be entitled Yumeiro Pâtiss...


publicCreated 03/13/1017

All Anime/Manga fans welcome I hope to have this group grow strong any and all mangas and anime are welcomed calling any and all anime and manga fans it's all up to you to help make this group grow


publicCreated 03/13/103

Ummm... I can't really think of anything to type here (except this.)


publicCreated 03/15/1026

Are you crazy about anime? Love to talk about anime? Want to know what is going on in anime world? This is the group for you. AnimeCraZed is all about anime and nothing else. Games can be talked about...


publicCreated 04/03/103

This is for gaian of gaia online