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publicCreated 02/13/108

This site/group is all about drifting in the game we all love and know as Project Torque(PT). This site/group is dedicated to a friendly environment for crews to issue drift challenges to each other f...


publicCreated 12/12/10275

This is a group for those in the LGBT Community here at the Aeria Community, or friends thereof, that play MMO games. ^_^ It's nice to know that you're not alone out here in the virtual world, and tha...


publicCreated 01/22/118

We are M A D, a human alliance on World_1 of Lords Online!! We love combat :P We are insane :P We are comin to get you :P To join, you must be a long-term member of MAD or a trusted player. Co...


publicCreated 08/18/111

A guild of friends and commrads all striving to make the best strategies and tactics then use them to our advantage so that we may dominate any battlefield we choose to conquer. Rules: 1:Do not reve...


publicCreated 09/20/111

Grupa dedykowana fanom gry Call Of Gods. Wszyscy zwolennicy gier strategicznych oraz rpg łączmy się. Bractwo polskiego teamu gry COG - zapraszam do dyskusji i wymiany swoich klanów !!!