Groups tagged 'aeriagames'


publicCreated 09/25/0932

This is the group for fans of Turfbattles, the new ones and the old; Those who didnt let go of the game even thought the game server went down.


publicCreated 11/07/097

This group is for Hello Kitty Online Players.


publicCreated 11/25/09650

Official community group of Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online! Also friends to fans of the other Megaten titles in the series including the Personas, Devil Summoners, and Digital Devil Saga to name a...


publicCreated 12/19/0922

This group is for all who play multiple Aeriagames&Entertainment games!


publicCreated 12/27/0914

This is the ShadowClan. It is a ranked Clan, with rules for all to follow. If you believe yourself to be worthy to join, send me a message and tell me why you should be accepted into the Clan. This C...