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publicCreated 06/17/115

AeriaGames!Gamers Get It ON!


publicCreated 06/25/111

Welcome to AnythingGoes! A group where you can talk about what you feel like ^_^ (As long as its appropriate). You can talk about Aeria games, chat with people, give/get addvice on the games, or just ...


publicCreated 07/01/112

Ενα δημοσιο group για Ελληνες gamers.


publicCreated 07/06/118

Meu Time Radeiders_Of_Death Cargos Da Raiders_Of_Death: Pricipiamte: Recruta: Soldado.Jr: 1ºSoldado: 2ºSoldado: Soldado Superio: Cabo: Sargento: 2ºSargento: 1ºsargento: Sargento Superior: 2ºtenen...


publicCreated 07/09/11449

Start your own Odyssey here!~ This is the official group for Lime Odyssey on Aeria. Currently it is being dusted off in preparation for Lime Odyssey! Join to be notified about LO Events and News via ...