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publicCreated 12/28/094

We are everywhere, but we cant tell who else is like us. We are the best there is at anything and everything. If your like this join your brothers and sisters. We can kill your enemies quicker as a gr...


publicCreated 12/30/09136

For Megaten artists and art enthusiasts, or anyone that loves art in general XD


publicCreated 01/06/103


publicCreated 01/12/10459

Para los fanaticos de Naruto Offcourse pero tambien de otras series muy especiales que nos significaron mucho en nuestras vidas como: -Bleach -Digimon -Naruto Shippuden -Detective Conan -Fairy Ta...


publicCreated 01/29/1012

This Group is for all peaople who like this web-cite this group is also for any people in any country we talk about aeria games any game you like to talk about and if your new we show you around this ...