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publicCreated 03/21/136

Be the who you want to be, in here,this dimension society doesn't exist. All discussions can, will be done here whatever the context. There is special welcome to new players into aeria's world. art is...


publicCreated 03/27/131

Sitio Official del Gremio Exilium - Runes of Magic en Español Spanish - Servidor Phoenix


publicCreated 05/02/131

Clan for a few Aeria Games such as: Gunz. Mainly used for the game Gunz


publicCreated 05/02/131

Wir sind eine stätig wachsende Gilde und freuen uns auf euch. Euer alter und Level ist uns nicht wichtig . Hauptsache ihr habt so wie wir Spaß am Gaming


publicCreated 05/05/1325

It's Adventure Time! This group is all about discovering your own adventure, whether it's defeating evil monsters, questing, breaking bottles or... playing the viola? Find your adventure~