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publicCreated 10/07/121

Mi clan mis reglas....


publicCreated 11/12/122

Aeternum, where nobles and knights are the future of the greatest kingdoms. -"Not alone, but at your side will I stand forever"- angelslove


publicCreated 11/13/1219

Groupe de la guilde Refresh sur Divina FR Présentation forum :


publicCreated 11/14/1227

Hey I just met you! and this is crazy, But here's a Fanclub, For you Aeria.Mazinger baby!


publicCreated 11/30/1237

The top forumers of the A.V.A section of the Aeria Games forums, Ex-IJJI Forumers are welcome. We are all here because we love this game and want to see it thrive :D We are all a happy family, We A...