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publicCreated 08/06/121

Home of the Blueprint, Golconda, Micro, Veggies, Status and Surgeons clan. At the end of the day, haters gon' hate... :)


publicCreated 08/12/12269

Hello Soldiers, Welcome to SF Events group. In this group we'll be posting official events made by our GMs and/or GSs


publicCreated 08/26/122

Hello to all, this group is for players of Eden Eternal. It's a group open for simple discussion of the game, and for hints and tips, along with help for newbies, or for the higher ups. It’s a team,...


publicCreated 09/01/121

Imaginable was created on July 4th, 2011. Imaginable lives on ~


publicCreated 09/20/127

Gremio creado en Runes Of Magic/Lat, compartimos, nos divertimos y jugamos de forma justa y en grupo. No necesitas nada mas que respeto y compañerismo para ingresar a esta familia.