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publicCreated 06/12/1247

This group is for people who are experienced in the Aeria forums community and in Wolfteam as well. For people who have spent at least a year in the AGE community and are always ready to help other pe...


publicCreated 06/20/121

clan the panthers liderado por [TP]*master


publicCreated 07/24/122

Bem vindo ao Grupo de amizade do iPan1c0. Jogo Limpo e Amizade em 1° Lugar Ready... Go Brasil


publicCreated 07/30/1237

Hello everyone~ i decided to gather all eden eternal players aroud the world to make a better eden eternal for tomorrow i planned to help each other as they can to be raised as a better player help as...


publicCreated 08/05/121

For clan members only