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publicCreated 11/21/114

A Group of GAMERS whom are Not only Friendly,But Family. @AeriaGames


publicCreated 12/14/1120

Join if you're a DDTank Veteran and play in the Dragon server. :)


publicCreated 01/09/1299

Se Não é inimigo Então poque Correr Fala de Mim pelas Costas e Treme Quando me Ver! ---By: [FJG]F4LC0N* eXTeRMiNioS Clan (Vagas Abertas)


publicCreated 01/09/1231

ever wanted to live in the land of fairy tail with your own chara? well now you can in this world full of magic people, yes we all know this series now live in it! please be sure to read the rules. in...


publicCreated 02/09/121

para convidar auguem por favor fale comigo