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publicCreated 09/13/0922

i just wanted to try it out..who knows what to describe..heh heh


publicCreated 09/23/0987

anyone can join from redemtion sever nans fujins guan and jins ^^


publicCreated 09/26/097

we need to hlp ppl in this game..... so, those need any guidelines dnt hesitate to ask any of our guild members........ we wud be happy to hlp u.........


publicCreated 09/26/0978

Polish Players of 12Sky or 12Sky2 ***Polscy Gracze 12Sky lub 12Sky2... W końcu musimy mieć swój kącik ;P


publicCreated 09/28/096

Official Aeria Games Group for the Twelve Sky2 Machinima Mini-web Series L.E.E.T. (Losing Every Effin Time).