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The new RP-Character make-

Posted by hotguy76
04/06/13 18:00

Im sticking with my old character from the old rp X :)

The new RP-Character make-

Posted by thirenty
04/11/13 06:09

okay Michael:)
we'll start it next week!

The new RP-Character make-

Posted by nokokami89
04/11/13 17:16

What are the parameters?

The new RP-Character make-

Posted by gofourarmsgo
04/12/13 07:24

i'm in as well >;) here's my character >:P:

Name: Lyra
Age: 16
hair color: black
eye color: green
personality: you'll know when we RP >:P
Weopen of choice: a two-handed long sword
accecories: a pet moogle
past: she has no recovery of her past and she only remembers her name.
that's all i think XD
i can't wait to start OwO

The new RP-Character make-

Posted by hernanjosea
04/12/13 10:35

just following suit...

Name: Taras
Age: 33
hair color: brown
eye color: brown
personality: arrogant
Weopen of choice: long rifle
accecories: eyepatch
past: somewhat a loner, Taras usually takes to the world on his own, coming and going as he pleases but always around when you need him.

The new RP-Character make-

Posted by hernanjosea
04/13/13 13:27

Okay, so here's something that I wrote. This will be my first time participating in your character RP, so it would help me better understand what you're looking for.

~~I'm not sure how the actual sounds would appear in text, but it would be the equivalent to a body rolling down the side of a hill; covered in dried leaves of the fall. Then the undoubetdly loud thud into the ground as he approached the bottom of the hill. This wasn't his first tumble however, but this prey had been one of the craftiest he'd ever chased. And now he was the closest he'd ever been. Close enough to watch the hot, panting exhalation of her lungs create white smoke; as if she had a fire deep inside her.
She was beautiful. A majestic creature in the diminishing dusk light. The features of her body were sculpted lines as if she were carved out of marble. When she ran it was swift. Practiced. When she jumped it was effortless. But she was getting tired now. Paniced and frantic exertions of energy had caused her knees shake. Perhaps even fear had grasped her by the throat slowly choking out her possibilities of survival.
He was also practiced in his moves. Every motion he made purposed so as not to waste any time. His moves mimiced those of a hungry, cautious and patient wolf readying itself for the kill. Slow. Practiced. Cold.
The metal plate now pressed hard against his soulder as he gripped the wood tightly. Then tilting his head he brought his eye down to line up the sights on her. His right hand raised slowly, following the curve of the stock to the trigger. The index finger resting on it softly. He closed his eyes offering up this creature a moment of silent reverance.
"Don't worry love, this will all be over soon." He thought to himself. He pulled on the trigger slowly, adding a bit more pressure than the last. The crisp sound of steel broke the silence as the hammer struck. The resulting waving echo awoke the avian inhabitants and they began to caw and squelch. A thousand wings flapped. A thousand voices cheered.
She dropped. Life had left her body as she crumpled to the ground. He was sure to make it quick. Painless. Through the breast and through the heart. No barbaric or senseless pain to endure. Just an exhalation of breath and she was dead.
There was no need for a celebration. This wasn't for a trophy, but for survival. She must die so that he could live. ~~

The new RP-Character make-

Posted by thirenty
04/14/13 08:38

that's a nice thing you wrote:) that'll be your past story.
if you wanna know more bout how we RP,you can read our past RP or ask hotguy76 or gofourarmsgo.
they can tell you how to do it. we don't write stories like you did,we follow what the previous person has said:)
(sry I can't help with it myself,I'm kinda busy with some school better ask hotguy76 to guild u)

The new RP-Character make-

Posted by hernanjosea
04/18/13 20:46

Hey all, are we beginning the RP in a new discussion? Or are we meeting in some chat room? I thought we were starting Thursday?

The new RP-Character make-

Posted by Kururai
05/03/13 02:36

SO um.. Yeah, new to groups in aeria games, BIG FFF, played all of them, finished like... 2. Anyways

Name: Vaaine
age: 27
hair color: black with white highlights
eye color: red
personality: condescending and sarcastic in a friendly manner (always playing around)
Weapon of choice: Any kind of sword. Generally fights barehanded and slowly uses different swords the harder the fight
accessories: RIBBON. OH YEAH.
Past: practically like Ash or Doctor Who, constantly traveling, making new companions on the way, losing some on the way. Generally carefree. Has never lost a fight (so far) and constantly collects swords. The first sword he ever got was Sephiroth's Masamune, then the bustersword, after was Seifer's Almasy, after was the two Gunblades (lightning and leon) , last was All of Auron's blades.

The new RP-Character make-

Posted by thirenty
06/01/13 12:24

I'm sorry everyone,we'll begin soon. it's cuz of my exams/:((
trully sry