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Final Fantasy RP

Posted by waterlobe
01/04/11 07:04

(current location: Underground)
Me: ok u guys here's the plan we attack from under the ground when the enemies are half way through the battle field.... any questions???
Avira Guard #1: How do you expect to do this plan
AG #2: ..... actually yes..... ALL of them...
Me: ... well... this time its different DX i know it will work now... LETS GO!
Everyone: Sir, YES SIR!

Final Fantasy RP

Posted by thirenty
01/04/11 09:22

me:..i hope it works this time..

Final Fantasy RP

Posted by itano123
01/04/11 10:28

me: i might as well start betting on how long we last until we fail.........again

Final Fantasy RP

Posted by waterlobe
01/04/11 12:11

Me: HEY SHUDDUP DX it gunna work i swear it is
Enemy soldier #1: Look there they are!
Me: (mumbling) dang it itano i blam u i put an eevil curse on u nd--
ES #2 : ATTACK!!!!!
Me: up killing time (casts Wateraga)
ES #1: Ahaha hahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA u think a little water will..... O....M....F....G!?!!
Me: (W00T made a tsunami)
ES #1: no stand your ground! we can beat them
~screen goes all loopy nd we r in a battle~
Me itano jade nd alison vs 4 enemy soldiers W00T
(Enemy Soldiers have 30 Hp)

Me: hehe alright my turn *uses regular attk
ES #3: -10 hp
ES #1: *uses regular attk on Zak
Me: -13 HP ... owch

Final Fantasy RP

Posted by muppet96
01/04/11 13:27

0-0 oi u dork ! *strike's lighting on solider*

Final Fantasy RP

Posted by waterlobe
01/04/11 18:57

Me: TESUKYO!!!!!!!
*eyes turn red nd water shuriken fly around me*
Alright let see how u like this !GO!
*shurikens fly out*
ES #2: -30 hp (goes poof)
Me: uhh... tht was wierd...
ES #1: How dare you (casts thunder)
Me: - 20 hp Ahh DX tht hurted

Final Fantasy RP

Posted by thirenty
01/06/11 10:47

me:*gives zack a potion* how did that work?

Final Fantasy RP

Posted by waterlobe
01/07/11 09:26

Me: is better
ES#3: (casts watera)
Me: +10hp ._. ?????
ES#1: Idiot DX *attacks ES#3:
ES#3: -10 Owchiis DX
Me: ???
Jade: (attacks ES#3) W00T
ES#3: (goes poof)
Me: RLY when they die they go poof Gawd who wrote the scripting for this game imma kill em' DX
ES#1: uhh.....u did
Me: O.o ehh... i dunt feel like suicide rite now >.>

Final Fantasy RP

Posted by thirenty
01/09/11 02:01


Final Fantasy RP

Posted by waterlobe
01/10/11 09:48

Me: Cuz if im the writer ... nd i said i wanted to kill the writer to make tht logical i would have to kill maii self therefore commiting suicide nd i dunt wanna commit suicide X.x
ES #1: yeah.... ny way *strikes me with lightning*
Me: Ahh DX (-25 damage) DX alright ths it ur gettin it
(uses overdrive attk) *pulls out huge sword (like auron's) runs up to him nd slashes in a spinny move...*
ES #1: - 30 Gaahh (poof)

Me: WTF!?
Items gained:
2x Pheonix down
5x potion
1x Hi-Potion
2x antidote
3x Soldier blades
1x Sun staff
Me: Yeah got sum good items W00T *equips soldier blade*
Atk +5 :3