public108Group Leader: h3xw1z4rdCreated: 10/08/09

Petition Sent!

Posted by on 10/14/09 08:48

Thank you guys for the support on the Petition, I have sent it 690 strong... I doubt it will make an impact with Invictus but it's better then nothing.

Petition opposing Invictus's proposed IP ban

Posted by on 10/11/09 00:28 - Updated on 10/11/09 00:37

I just made a petition in opposition to Invictus's proposed IP block. Please take a moment to sign it guy's time is short and I want to get as many signatures as possible before the 14th October! htt...

Please help spread the word!

Posted by on 10/10/09 23:07

We have 5 days till Invictus's proposed IP block come's into play... please try to spread the word of the group! start a powerhouse as such... just show how much of an impact to the community this is ...


Posted by on 10/08/09 17:20

Thanks for joining guy's. Please try to let friend's know about the group... strength in numbers! If you could send an invite or two it would be greatly appreciated.