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_SorelleDellaLuna_ (Italian for "SistersOftheMoon") are a Guild found on Katrissa, Vinicius, and Nereus. We are unofficially allied with ROSECRUCIAN of Katrissa, SweeTarts of Katrissa, PurpleTextHere of Katrissa, and DoomKittens of Vinicius. We are also unofficially allied with the GameSage and GameSages guilds. RP archetypes and themes: Vampiress / Succubus / Fae / Elf / Witch / Cleric / Archer / Wizard Temporal setting spans from the arrival of the Great Old Ones through a variety of Farflung Futures / / / / / / / ~~~ _SorelleDellaLuna_ as a Clan are an association found in the ShoutBox and Fora, which does not have any requirements _vis-à-vis_ the in-game guilds of the same names. _SorelleDellaLuna_ prefer that your toon be Mage or Healer. We as a Clan are a loose association of players interested in the issues of Mage and Healer classes and subclasses, and pet issues, primarily those of Succubi and Incubi.
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