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Posted by godcrash
11/18/09 04:09

Actual name: Corey
Been a member of AG since first quarter of 2007.
Played LC, Dragon Sky, MT, and soon to be GFO.

I'm looking forward to the CB. =]


Posted by Jujuuu
11/22/09 05:12

I am the Juju mon, I just hope this game isn't typical,
I like games comps food games dr.pepper and games, Rolplaying and other manner of things, I am a laid back friendly dude so don't be shy about approaching me,.....thats bout it.


Posted by Tnahbk
11/22/09 19:43

Hi my name is Nick. Grand Fantasia will be my first aeria game. Im looking forward to plAYING WITH YOU GUYS.


Posted by vivibenaex
11/22/09 20:00

Hi hi! I'm Vivi (obviously)~ I've previously played MegaTen, but took a short break and decided to play Grand Fantasia instead. (: I've been a member since.. a while now. D: I don't remember exact dates.
I just started playing the game like, yesterday - so even though I'm still a pretty low level, feel free to find me and we can play! ♥


Posted by Holographic3030
11/23/09 18:20

Holographic3030 aka Alaric on GF. This is my 1st time on Aeria and I'm wicked looking foreword to having some fun and meeting a few cool people along the way :)


Posted by Skelletonike
11/24/09 11:09

The name's Skelletonike (obviously). xP
And I'm 18 and I study some programming (C,C++,C# and visual since I'm at a programming school.
I've been in aeria games for almost 2 years. I played most mmorpgs in here already, some of then only during the CB...
Most of the time I lose interest in the games, and end up leaving it... xP

I've played over 100 mmorpgs and I haven't found one that really makes me addicted to it... x.x
I guess I'm too hard on the games.... xP

Anyway, my character's nick is Skell, add me if ya want... ^^


Posted by YumixNightmare
11/25/09 17:57

I'm YumixNightmare, but please call me Yumi. I'm a female, 17 tears old. (Turning 18 December 23rd.) I joined Aeria.. probably forever ago. I can't remember. Lol. I've tried playing Shaiya, and hated it, bth. I hope this game will be a lot better. I also plan on playing Shin Megami Tensei. The last MMOrpg I played would be Ragnarok online. A couple years ago I was famous on the Lightside//Legend server. Besides that, I hope to have a good time and pwn some noobs. :D


Posted by Namaewaguildo
11/26/09 17:00

Heyy I'm Namaewaguildo, New to aeria and have been trying out the new grand fantasia beta and have been enjoying myself :]


Posted by kungfujoe
11/29/09 02:16

hey, all. i'm april in RL, game name is empressa. i had an old account a few years ago and just rejoined in june 09. i've played shaiya and shin megami tensei. i liked shaiya but it bored me after a few months. shin megami, i'm just not getting right now. i got the invite for grand fantasia and thought i would try again.

so far, i love it! i think i'll be sticking with this one for a long time.

see you all in game.


Posted by RockstarJ
11/29/09 04:55

Hey I've only been on here a few months, but have played online for over 10 years now lots of games to many to name. Like doing the betas though always fun.