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Posted by 8Beasts
10/26/09 19:05

im 8Beasts uh...... Ive played Shaiya, MegaTen, WolfTeam, 12Sky2, TurfBattles, and Dragon sky. I liked Megaten, Played Shaiya the longest but rescently quit playn.

Lookn forward to Having fun in Grand Fantasia.


Posted by Atsushi.
10/27/09 16:39

Hello i'm Atsushi. I can't wait for Grand Fantasia's release, looks like it's going to be an amazing game and one i can stick with. I currently play Wolf Team.


Posted by ProtoDemon
10/29/09 15:39

Hello. I'm ProtoDemon. :}


Posted by COTRAOM
11/07/09 14:34

To get to know me and my personality you need to know one very important fact about myself.

I love root beer.

Yup, that sums me up. Can't wait till Closed Beta. :}


Posted by IISockuII
11/13/09 02:17

Yoo :o . Im Mize :D And umm .. I used to play ts2 But quiit thats the only game i played Aeria . Just waitin for GF to come out 8D


Posted by axora
11/15/09 13:21

Um I'm axora and I like pie


Posted by reaping31
11/15/09 16:46

Hello, I am reaping31 you can call me reaps, I'm random and awesome and I bring many communities together with my strangeness. =D I look forward to this game mainly because of the small lv differences between class changes..


Posted by ModernDaySword
11/15/09 19:46

Hello I'm ModernDaySword. Some of you may know me from PlayStation network, some may not. I've been gaming online for five years. I started out playing PS2 online, moved up to PS3 and shortly thereafter delved into the world of MMORPGS. I was an endgame WoW player, (three level 80s, alliance), longtime Runescape player and beta tester of Neosteam. I have tried fifty or so MMORPGS. I am currently playing Wolf Team and awaiting Grand Fantasias release. If you have PSN feel free to add me, ModernDaySword. I am usually playing Killzone 2, COD 4 or COD 5.


Posted by salineir
11/15/09 21:12

hello i'am salineir, i tend to go by maghla on most game i play, i believe we should be able to put music into game for our personal listening pleasure and am addicted to all things heavy metal *does devil horns and headbangs x3* i also started may last year and have been playing DoMo for most my time here, i am hoping GF is an aeria game other then DoMo that i find entertaining, yes i am a big critic, so i can't wait till CB and i hope to meet you all and have fun ^^


Posted by AlecWayland
11/17/09 08:02

I'm Alec Wayland, I'm new to aeria games, i joined just yesterday, my leading game on aeria is shaiya, which i still have not currently started, due to lack of time. I have never been a modifier or any of the gaming technicians for any gaming site, and nor am i interested in becoming one unless they pay me and i do not need a HighSchool diploma to qualify.