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Posted by Omega364
10/05/09 15:44

Hi I'm Omega364 i am currently a Game Sage for DragonSky (FTW) i also played Last Chaos when it was in its Open Beta stages like.. the last stage not with this account though :( nonetheless though. I saw this game and can't wait to test CB and for anyone who played Hello Kitty and saw me on there ssshhhh thats a secret :p


Posted by RoboRoboXD
10/05/09 16:45

Hello i'm RoboRoboXD. I've been with AGE for two years, then took a break, then game back and forgot my account pass and my email, and then made this account. o.o
I currently play Wolf team and GF looks like a lot of fun. I've always liked the way AGE handles their games, so i'm expecting a lot. ^^


Posted by alacer
10/05/09 18:35

Well, I'm alacer. I joined last December and started out in DoMO. Since then, I've played LastChaos, Shaiya, MegaTen, WolfTeam, and DragonSky. Only three of these are still on my hard drive. =P

Of course I'm looking forward to playing GF; why else would I have made this group? Once we get into CB, I'll make a guild for us all, or we can have several guilds under the flag of GrandlyFantastical.

The name is gonna be something like "Fyreflies", since I'm currently obsessed with that song. ^^"


Posted by AzuAtsu791
10/05/09 19:39

Hello, my name is AzuAtsu791 *Hi AzuAtsu791*, and I'm addicted to Aeria... I first made an account in Dec 2007 but switched accounts during Jan 2008. I have been playing DoMO all that time and still am. My highest lvl is only 53, I'm more of a bum than a grinder. I troll the forums and spew out my $0.02. But DoMO crashes way too much for me so I'm likely to quit.
I also play WolfTeam. Master Sergent and a Sergent. 2.2X K/D. WolfTeam is an epic FPS and all should go pwn it up.
Also tried out Shaiya, MegaTen, and PiStory but none gripped me.
Looking forward to Grand Fantasia to noob it up. I think that this is the game I've been long searching for.
*In nerd voice* Team GF rules \o/


Posted by ittoujuu
10/05/09 20:27

Hi, this is ittoujuu, one of the English localization editors for Aeria. I'm working on Grand Fantasia, which is shaping up to be pretty cool. I like piano music, macaroni and cheese, and falling asleep while watching fund drives on PBS. Also: short skirts are an outfit for all seasons (unless you're a man, baby).


Posted by Fonstone
10/05/09 22:29

Hi! I'm Fonstone. I joined around September last year and I currently play DOMO. I've played Megaten, Shaiya and CBed for HKO. Can't wait for the GF >.<


Posted by jekiru
10/06/09 08:17

Hihiii most people know me as Reinef because that's the name I use in EVERY game I play. Hopefully Raenef (the proper spelling), will be available in GF so I can return to the true roots of my chosen gamer alias -read Demon Diaries! Yup, I'm a ditzy kind hearted young man, usually a combination of white mage/cleric with explosive destructive abilities.

Right now I'm a curser/enhancer on Megaten, which is my first AGE game. I've been playing since May. Before this, I've tried out many various MMOs such as Maplestory, Grand Chase, Fly For Fun, Rappelz, Perfect World International... and I'm sure I'm missing some. Comparatively, Aeria games gives many alternatives to micro transactions as far as in-game currency and item acquisition goes. With these many positive points in, I hope to continue gaming with you all for long while! Bring on GF closed beta rawr rawr =~_^=


Posted by Fairner
10/07/09 19:15

Hi I'm Fairner aka Chish, I've been with Aeria since Aug '08!
I'm mainly on DOMO, I've tried HKO, LaTale, and Luminary but mostly a DOMO player.

Other games I've tried are Ether Saga, Maple Story, and Pi Story.
I've tried many games, so far only DOMO has stuck, hopefully Grand Fantasia will be one that I can get into!

Nice to meet you all!


Posted by The_Witty_Sage
10/08/09 19:53

Yo, i'm The_Witty_Sage but feel free to call me Seth. Joined AGE recently to play WT, then saw Grand Fantasia and i can't wait to CB test this game.


Posted by AKFrost
10/09/09 16:12

AKFrost, been here since beginning of 2008, GSed for DOMO for 14 months and head tester for 12. Left domo due to clem leaving, but is thinking of trying this game (cough necro cough) before I figure out how to steal XO3 from Taiwan.

Probably won't stay too long, but we shall see.