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Disconnect all the time

Posted by aspoketree on 01/28/15 11:32 - Updated on 01/28/15 11:32
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Guys who here has had or ta having plobema to take disconnect all the time , if you know a solution for afvor tell me I'm desisperado please help me .

    Hai c:

    Posted by bananacat435 on 04/24/14 13:01 - Updated on 04/24/14 13:01
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    Hi there!~ Im new to this group so please be nice to me ;~; Although I not really new to the game. Decided to actually use my account for more things....anyways nice to meet you :D


      Posted by willyblake12 on 09/10/14 06:22 - Updated on 09/10/14 06:22
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      hey everyone i just wanted to say hi n see if anyone here wants to be mi pvp buddy add me JasonBlood2 and RoyalDragon


        Posted by HaruhiSuzimiya on 08/26/14 21:53 - Updated on 08/26/14 21:53
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        Hi everyone, my name is Lily Hale or as most people in GF knew me as HaruhiSuzimi. I dont know if any old friends may be in this group but I hope to make new friends along the way. Hit me up in game a...

        hi all

        Posted by xXDeathssoulXx on 09/12/14 12:01 - Updated on 09/12/14 12:01
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        im a lvl 22 warrior gonna become a paladin need a good guild that will help me when i need it and vise versa im not a noob player but im not the best player always looking to improve i love this game ...

        Hiii ^-^

        Posted by lillycrosses on 08/03/14 21:33 - Updated on 08/03/14 21:33
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        Hii every body im lilly and if u wanna play GF with me my Main is xKasumi maybe we can have fun playing with each other ^-^

          I may need help in GF im lvl 73 mystic still lvling....if you need help let me know

          Posted by Tekkom123 on 04/30/14 08:09 - Updated on 04/30/14 08:09
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          Hello I am new to this group and almost old in GF. Please be friends. Well i may need help in GF help me if you can and if you need help from me let me know. Add me in GF GaGrrrrmmmm with 4 times 'r' ...


          Posted by Swoof15 on 02/23/14 08:22 - Updated on 02/23/14 08:22
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          Dammit. my bro just made his computer get reformatted. I will be back at GF as soon as possible. Ohh btw, im new here. PS: add me at GF. My name is Swoof :3

            Searching lover 65+

            Posted by HeroDonald5636 on 02/12/14 07:02 - Updated on 02/12/14 07:02
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            I'm searching a lover in grand fantasia, female active. Message if you want see me. ¨White

              info on updates

              Posted by lalaluna1919 on 01/15/14 05:23 - Updated on 01/15/14 05:23
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              how long do they last when they shor while