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Posted by alacer on 11/18/09 16:05

Everybody, thanks for sticking with us through this period of anxiety. I know we're all syked to start beasting some jelly rabbits, so I won't hold you long.

No doubt we've all been paying attention to the forums to get info, and know that there'll be prizes awarded for reaching level 30. Now, I'm not saying to do this for personal gain, rather for the prestige. For yourself and the group. Wouldn't be awesome to be able to brag about that to all the newcomers in OB (chill, rant's almost over =p)? I'll be making a guild for us as soon as I get up to 1g. As long as you're active, you're in! In OB I'll prolly make it exclusive for Rangers & Hunters... So enjoy it while it lasts! >=o

Anyway, be sure to keep an eye out for bugs, specifically in quests and skills and the like. They're the trikiest to catch though. I'll make a "To-Do List" for us later... Whatever. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you tonight!

Your Favorite Admin,