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Which anime's the worst on the earth?

    Different Death Notes >_>

    Posted by shadowabsol on 06/21/12 00:01 - Updated on 06/21/12 00:01
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    So I found Death Note on Netflix and I watched it whole so I draw cute and funny pictures but my brother said things happened differently and I didn't read the book so which one is better??? Book or S...

    Someone Please Help Me...

    Posted by deathsoul321 on 06/05/11 20:35 - Updated on 06/05/11 20:35
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    So umm... I need a new anime series to watch. I've seen Bleach, Fairy Tail, Vampire Knight (my favorite one so far), and Death Note (second favorite). I'm not interested in Naruto. Please help... Also...

    Wich HOT^^ anime character would you wish to see in like real life..?

    Posted by Ikoda on 05/28/11 10:43 - Updated on 05/28/11 10:43
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    I would totaly wanna see Sakura..! :D


      Posted by spinner108 on 01/04/11 23:09 - Updated on 01/04/11 23:09
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      create a description of u as a fictional character once we have a few we will begin rping amongst ourselves

        Posted by wangzhany on 10/28/11 04:53 - Updated on 10/28/11 04:53
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        shaiya: Agora compra 10M=R$3.11, 100M=29.66 . Perfect World: Agora compra moedas no Perfect World temos bonus, Agora compra desde 5kk pra 100kk temos 5% bónus, Agora compra mais de 100kk, temo...

        Anime Drawing Project!

        Posted by Bumizka on 10/22/11 15:59 - Updated on 10/22/11 15:59
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        Hello guys,you may not know me but Let's me welcome you who love to draw anime-, manga character please don't stay alone and share you work and join me at :!

        Posted by xiao2b on 08/14/11 10:59 - Updated on 08/14/11 10:59
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        Grand Fantasia: 1000G=R$5.42 5000G=R$27.7 shaiya: Agora compra 10M=R$3.11 100M=R$29.66 Perfect World: Agora compra moedas no Perfect World temos bonus, Agora compra desde 5kk pra 100kk temos 5% b...

        Have you ever watched Clannad?

        Posted by eogarden on 06/02/11 20:27 - Updated on 06/02/11 20:27
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        If you havent your missing alot. Its mainly a girl anime about romance, school and comedy. It makes me laugh, cry and want to shot the tv. Its by far my favorite anime. Dongo

          Best Anime Ever

          Posted by Demonhades1 on 06/12/11 14:54 - Updated on 06/12/11 14:54
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          me personaly like bleach and code geass the best i just love those two and hate how code geass ended that really made me mad i wanted to puch something