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Posted by spinner108
01/04/11 23:11

hair color/length: white bottom of neck
body type:athletic
skin color: pale white
weapons:has wide array of sharp weapons, poison tipped darts,small caliber gun, large guns if needed
clothing: black combat gear
job: freak, assassin
abilities: auras, shape shifting, physcological warfare, can control dead bodies
race: vampire
personality: friendly, deadly, killer, amazin

story: was born in late 1700's as a human... went through life normal til an encounter with a assassin whom was vampritic was bitten after his fight and turned immortal which ment he never aged stayed 15 forever never changed default apperance was turned into a revenge seeking yet confused person. wants to be normal again. took up a job as an assassin/guardian defending the human race druid race elven race emo race and several others. is one of he original 5 whom where bitten to be used as weapons and i am the only one to resist and live...! carries out life jumping from place to place able to alter time.


Posted by wheexx
01/07/11 15:59

lulz this is sooo similar to the other group I was in but anyways....

hair colour:Black
Body type : normal/Athletic
Skin colour:white/peachish
Weapons:Sword and Shield
clothing: black long coat
abilities:Control time/Freeze time, able to fly
Personality: kind,friendly, helpful
Story:born in a small village were his parents died of an accident. having a journey and finding his true purpose of why he has these powers

idk if I did this right XD


Posted by spinner108
01/07/11 16:06

(i know im in tht group too lolif they didnt have one i was gunna make 1 sooooooo ye)


Posted by Teheresha
02/20/11 16:27

lets see...
hair colour:white
body type:athletic
skin colour:white
clothing:black long rob\
job:no one know it
abilities:no one know it but its very powerfull
story:no one know it,including her,but all she know is that she is not a human and that she have a very powerful power what she will descover in the future
...i really dont know what to write...but i think its ok...^^...\m/^.-\m/


Posted by Himekojo
02/24/11 08:19

Name : Etherdreda
Age : unknown *around 100billion years old
Hair : Long black glittering hair, Incridible long hair, the same length as the thread of life.
Body : Perfect Female Body.
Skin : Glittering white pale
Clothing : Dress robe with halo mandala in her back.
Race: Goddess
Job : Goddess of creation.
Abilities : hold the power to create yet can create also can destroy.
Personalities : Kind, Mature, Wise, Godly.
Story :
she is a goddess of creation also goddess of destruction, many human worship her as goddess of good fortune, yet some worship her as a goddess of evil.
yet no one what gods thinking.
at some time on earth there was a war betwen God race and Tyrant race and the result was Ragnarok, Etherdreda was protecting a child that dont know why happened to be there, so she was hurt severely and to restore her power she sealed her power and live as a human in human world.
also at that form and cause of the impact she also had lost her memory of she is a goddess so she thought she is just a normal weak human being yet her personality did not change, at that time she fallen to a man named Hyuuga a man who can use a forbidden magic called Demon fusion, and as for the fate awaited them "alongside time exist fate, the bearer of cruelty".


Posted by LeonTheMonster
08/07/11 09:49

hair color/length:black,short
body type:muscled
skin colour:white/peachish
weapons:big katana,two guns,knife,shurikens
clothing:black/red or white/blue suit(depends on mood xD)
job:high school student,son of rich buisness man(runs part of company)
abilities:physical combat expert,advanced expert swordsman,firearms expert,immune to any kind of physcological powers,can fly,can blow things away from him
personality:nice,caring,if angry:destructive,scary
story:born in rich fammily,started with extreme physical,sword and firearm combat trainings at age of 8(on his request),runs part of his fammily's company and attends high school...he once discovered he can fly and blow things away from him,when he first encountered forces of evil he realized that he's imune to any kind of illusions and physcological powers...with that and his extremly good results of all his trainings,he's fighting evil in order to protect humanity(sorry for long story xD)


Posted by Zanbatsuragu
10/21/11 03:18

I have a character bio in my description.


Posted by Zanbatsuragu
11/04/11 09:50

name: Zan
Age:13 or 14
Hair color/length: silver, short
Body type: athletic
Skin color:white
Weapon: holy sword named "Heavan's Gate"
Clothing: plain white shirt, black jacket
Job: potter, music box crafter, plays any instrument during concerts
Abilities: master swordsman, wounds heal almost immediately, uses magic, can fly, higher agility, strength, will, etc. Than a normal human, and has a demon form.
Race: half-angel, half-demon
Personality: quiet, understative, caring, if in demon form destructive, heartless, and cruel.
Story:born in a small town, parents were dead, Zan meets a girl named October and they fall in love, a gang unveils that October is a necromancer but Zan doesn't care, he still loves her, Zan learns magic from October, ahniallates the gang, and lives a quiet life with October for a few years, demons attack the town and Zan saves October and gets her out of the town, Zan gets cornered and is outnumbered and outclassed yet he kills a couple demons with a firm branch he picked up, then Zan gets horribly wounded when heaven's strongest archangel, Azaziel, saves Zan yet he too gets horribly wounded, Zan grabs heaven's gate from Azaziel and a signet on his hand glows, Zan turns into a half angel and (having his abilities increase) massacres all the demons except two, one is a young wolf demon girl, and the other is also a wolf demon but Zan allows him to "possess" him. Zan then is also a half demon. Azaziel then tells Zan that October harbors an ancient fox spirit which has the power to save or destroy the earth. Zan , and the demon child simply called fang, venture out to find October.


Posted by supertails202
12/19/11 07:06

hair:sort of emo-ish, long enough to cover his eyes
hair color:black
body:regular, skinny
eye color:red
skin color:white
weapons:carry's a long sword called "devil's claw"on his back.
the swords color is black and also carry's two 9mm hand guns on his sides both attached with laser pointer's.
clothing:wears a black leather jacket with a white t-shirt under and black skinny jeans also wearing a black belt and black shoes
accesories:wears a red digital watch, a bracelet with his mothers name (Jessica) on it,a small scar on his cheek, and has wolf ears and a tail.
power:aura,darkness,fire bender that bends a blue-ish, purple-ish flame,and is also a water bender,he can turn water into ice and turn it back into water.
pets:a black shadow fox.
bio:Lucario's mother died when he was seven and was born half a demon.after his mom's death he stayed with his grand father for the rest of his years until he was twelve.his grand father trained him in every form of fighting-style and soon uncovered some powers hidden within the age of twelve his grand father set him off on his adventure to uncover his past of his moms death.before he set off, his grand father granted him a sword he said he made in hell and a couple thousand dollars for his was then he new he had to be strong.the sword he possesed had great power of darkness sealed within it that lucario uncovered by the time he was fourteen.he had aquired his two trusty hand guns at a local gun store in the first town he visited when he was fourteen and ever since he has become an expert aimer with pistols.he could be able to shoot a grape from a mile away with his eyes closed.pretty soon all of his senses improved.he could here from two miles away.smell the smallest wiff of pie from three miles away.he could taste every ingredient put in any food he ate and his vision was amazing!he could see waldo in a crowd of over five thousand people in three seconds in the book "where's waldo". people think lucario is just an average teenager walking around just texting on his phone always looking as if hes got something on his mind with one hand in one pocket and the other pushing buttons on his phone.and finally his companion.he had found his little fox friend out in the woods at the middle of the night when he was wandering about.the little fox was still a pup when he was found all alone and scared so he raised it as his own and from there on they stuck by each others's strange to find a black fox out in the woods at the age of thirteen......then again,lucario was fearless st any age.