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Hello, everyone! Been sometime since I've last posted anything. Today I wanted to talk to you about a certain site called Anivide. What's is that, you wonder? Well, Anivide is a General/RPing site wh...


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Don't know where to go to check out some of the news and upcoming's on anime? Go here:

New DBZ movie coming this March!

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After many years of the show's end, it's back, baby! To those that did not know, Dragonball Z is coming back with a brand new Japanese release movie coming this March 30th, 2013!! Now as exciting a...

Hey, everyone!

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I just wanted to give you all another thanks for joining my anime group! We've gotten a lot of new comers this year, and we're already half way to 2,000! I've also noticed that we are number #3 in Mos...

1,000 members.

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I thank all 1,000+ of you for joining this group! It really shows how exceedingly popular anime is, and I truly appreciate this fact. ANIME LOVERS UNITE!


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A little less than a month we've already reached 800! Alright! Welcome, newcomers and thank you joining! =) Let's see how fast we reach 900. ;D


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Wow! Just two months ago I was thanking you guys for the 600+ members! Now we already have 700+!? Sugoooiii! Dōmo arigatōgozaima****a, min'na!

Thank you

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I'd like to thank all 600 of you for joining my group! Keep watchin' dem animes! =)

The attack of spam!!

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Does anyone ELSE see this too!? :o Well, it would appear someone is going around hijacking (but not entirely, since he/she doesn't seem to have full access to the group) our groups, spamming the tags...


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Hello, everyone. I just wanted to thank all 500+ of you for joining my group. Now I don't know who became my 500th, but I congratulate you specifically, Mr./Ms. Mystery! Also, I'm now considering of ...