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    sorry lol

    Posted by on 07/05/10 12:04 Event Date: 07/03/11 21:00

    HAPPY FOURTH OF JULLY ( i forgot this year ) LOL

    Be Winner , Feel like one!

    Posted by on 04/11/10 12:49 - Updated on 04/12/10 17:34 Event Date: 07/10/10 09:35

    New Event Hi Guys , Send me a letter with a stack of normal minerials and i'll pay you 200k I will Mail you the 200k at the end of May :3 Hurry up time is ticking :3 -Midnight Leader , Alyfish


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    My b-day =P

    Panda Fun Day!

    Posted by on 04/05/10 17:51 Event Date: 05/15/10 09:05

    Happy Panda Day , We will have a suprise for all those panda fans! Midnigth hopes a great Panda Fun Day!


    Posted by on 04/19/10 10:02 Event Date: 04/30/10 11:00

    All you gotta do is go on my page and whoever postes the most words about their life wiins..........um...Pie?

    April Fool's Day

    Posted by on 03/29/10 16:25 Event Date: 03/31/10 21:01

    Hey Guys , April Fool's Day is coming up and I personally don't want you to get pranked.My tip is:Don't trust anyone in April.They will say APRIL FOOLS! When it's not April.So personally Don't get fooled :P

    hihi meeting -,.-

    Posted by on 03/24/10 14:01 Event Date: 03/31/10 08:29