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Clan Event: Design the Clan Emblem

Posted by on 01/31/11 08:35

Pls Check Here

Clan Event : What Snake? You've gotta be kidding...right?

Posted by on 11/27/10 22:20

for more info check here

Clan Event: Design the Clan Symbol

Posted by on 11/27/10 22:18

for more info check here

Halloween Party 2010

Posted by on 10/20/10 21:16

Clan Halloween party will be held in Shinjuku on 29th October till 31st october for more infor check forums TQ ^.^

Talisman Hunter Event Start

Posted by on 08/31/10 19:47

the event Talisman Hunters have begun pls check forums & group page for more info

Clan Pic Day

Posted by on 08/16/10 20:48

It's the best time again XD GMT+8 August 21, 2010 Day Shift / Night Shift 12.00 PM GMT+8 Night Shift / Day Shift 12.00 am GMT+8

Horror Stories Weekly Event

Posted by on 07/28/10 01:45

Join us this weekend, 9 PM GMT+8 for a weekly horror story telling event in clan the first in the whole megaten XD


Posted by on 07/05/10 11:41

clan event on test subject tomoro

Media Download Section

Posted by on 06/17/10 21:19

Enjoy the clan's very own wallpapers purely clan-made :p


Posted by on 05/31/10 12:02

Due to lack support the bad acts have to be closed for now. A newer 1 is underway planning