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Members READ (Invites)

Posted by xClutz on 04/02/13 09:51
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This list is may require 24 hrs to update so please be patient :3 List of players waiting for invites: Alanahshade User (invited) Crucifractor (invited) MissLawson (invited)

    Our Forum Page

    Posted by xClutz on 04/10/13 10:32 - Updated on 04/10/13 10:32
    Comment: 0 - Last Commented: 04/10/13 10:32 For those who haven't seen it.

      Items in GuildWH

      Posted by Sinorius993 on 04/08/13 17:29
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      I might be wrong, but items from Guild WH disappear a lot lately and i don't think we have that many people, how many of same types of armors and weapons disappear, So from now on personally i will ke...

      Photos :D

      Posted by xClutz on 04/03/13 07:01
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      #1: Rena is standing too far apart :c #2: Right-click save as to get a closer look ^.~ comment below with the rest of the photos (if you took any) (Use photobucket to upload the photos and paste t...

      HOW TO JOIN.

      Posted by xClutz on 04/01/13 12:58
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      If you are reading this then most likely you are interested in joining, you can usually join by whispering to; (IGN) Healer, IceMelter or Killahen. However, this does not meant it is the only way in, ...