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Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! series!!!

Posted by Rose_graudian
06/02/13 06:58

1.Yugioh gx because theres many interesting charaters and Jaden is a great duelist that doesnt matter what dorm your in. He's kinda like Yugi in some ways and Jaden is supreme king which mafe an awesome twist in the series.
2.Yugioh Its the oringnal and its pretty intersting Yugi has another side named Yami. Like yin and yang they both need each other. I find it swesome to have an acient eygptian pharaoh part of you cool. It makes the show interesting.
3.Yugioh 5'ds Yusei is just epic and the show shows you his point of view from not having paremts and kinda being alone. Plus the card games om motorcycles was a nice idea of the future.
4.Yugioh zexal its my least be cause its not that interesting but i do like it Yuma and Astral have an unbreakable bond like Yami and Yugi. All in all the show is entertaining
Jaden Yuki-he absolutely flawless and adroable but later on he gets more serious about his duels and if i might say hot. He later figures out how to stop Yubel by fusing there souls.
Yugi-He loves dueling and starts getting better at duels hes so cute♥ He's serious about his friends and even though Seto took his grandfather he forgave him anyways hes a sweer person.
Yami/Atem-He protectd Yugi and his friends him and Yugi strenghthing there bond.
I would explain the other Yugioh charater but this is long enough ^-^"