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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Blingee compotition!!!

    Posted by on 05/12/13 23:26 - Updated on 05/15/13 12:15 Event Date: 05/15/13 21:00

    On May 25th DuelistKingdom will be having a Blingee compotition!!! What is a Blingee you may ask, a blingee is a picture that has been edited, animated and or blinged out on http://blingee.com/. Here is a link: http://blingee.com/ The blingee has to be Yu-Gi-Oh! related. It can be of cards, characters, panels, manga, memes ect, as long as it has some thing yo do with Yu-Gi-Oh! Post a url link under the discussion "Art!!!" of your blingee by May 25th the resulst will be announced on May 26th. To post a link type [url] before the actual url, and type [/url] after the actual url of your Blingee. If you want to be a judge instead PM me.