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Rei Shingetsu is Vector yugioh zexal episode 96

Posted by yoikoine1 on 03/29/13 22:19

in the latest episode of yugioh zexal it is reveled that Rei is really Vector, one of the Barian lords. so far every one is being hit with 500 points of damage due to saragso effect except Vector who used a card to negate the damage. the duel is not looking good for yuma who just found out that the friend he came to save is actually the on that is trying to kill him and astral, and now the phisaclly and mentally beat down yuma only has 3 cards in his deck due to vectors deck destruction cards. even worst astral is shaken due to yuma hiding the fact that rei is a barian and that he gave him cards including rank up magic barian force.