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DuelistKingdom needs officers!!!

Posted by on 07/08/13 13:48

This group needs at least 1 officer to drum up some members to join, if any one is interested in becoming an officer pleas send me a PM.

A new Yu-Gi-Oh! special with Yugi!!!

Posted by on 06/12/13 12:06

In ether later this year or the beginning of next year there will be a Yu-Gi-Oh! special featuring Yugi and Yami Yugi, no details are know as of yet. Also a new super fusion movie with Yugi and Yuma,...

10 members!!!

Posted by on 06/02/13 13:20

It has been a slow but steady start, but now we finally have 10 members!!! Lets get more Yu-Gi-Oh! fans to join. GO Yu-Gi-Oh!

Petit Milady full debute single

Posted by on 05/21/13 15:33

On the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal II season 2 Petit Milady made there debut with the song Dualism Of Mirrors. It had many down loads of course being the OP for a Yu-Gi-Oh! series. As you know Y...

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2013 Finalist for Asia

Posted by on 05/05/13 15:18

Most of the finalist for most of the Asian countries have been decided, If you watch or compete in the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship you may want to know the possible top duelist of 2013 or your possib...

Starter Deck for 2013

Posted by on 05/05/13 15:07

This years starter deck already came out in Japan and is about to come out here. It has Chaos numbers 39 Kibou oh hope ray, also known as C.39 Utopia ray. It will also have 1. GaGaGa Magician 2. GaGa...

New season of ZeXal!!!

Posted by on 04/20/13 11:11

The new season of ZeXal II just started and two new song just debuted on it. Also kazuma apears and gives Yuma and friends a new mission, also joining theme is Durbe in his human form as Nasch. Vecto...

Rei Shingetsu is Vector yugioh zexal episode 96

Posted by on 03/29/13 22:19

in the latest episode of yugioh zexal it is reveled that Rei is really Vector, one of the Barian lords. so far every one is being hit with 500 points of damage due to saragso effect except Vector who ...

Off to the Brian world shonen V jump....?

Posted by on 03/20/13 12:08

Shonen Vjump has released photos of Durbe and Vector in Barian form and human form along with there over hundred numbers. Also new posters cards and some old poster including characters such as Yugi M...

looking for members

Posted by on 03/20/13 12:00

We are currently recruiting members. if you are in to or have a passion for Yu-Gi-Oh! pleas join. we will be posting latest news as soon as we can. yoikoine1.