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Arena Rules

Posted by ElvenDarkness
04/07/13 10:07

1. i will allow minor curses but if you must post a strong curse type the first letter then stars for the rest ex. F***.
2. i am God and Undie.
3. if you fail to use the stars you will be expected to delete the comment and repost if you want.
4. you can only have 2 characters. 1 god and 1 gladiator.
5. you post like this name) -actions- ^thoughts^ "says"Undie) -lifts holy punisher- -exicutes Zermont- ^rest in peace my friend^ -yells- "With Blood, Glory is sure to come!"
6. create your character in the Armory room

Arena Rules

Posted by ElvenDarkness
04/07/13 10:08

7. you cannot read others thoughts. do not react to them.any questions? ask them in the Study hall