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    ELSWORD! late night Henirs time and space party!

    Posted by on 01/11/14 22:55 - Updated on 01/11/14 22:58 Event Date: 01/15/14 20:00

    time for a dungeon party! i would have a aura kingdom party but i just started because all i like playing is elsword and my levels are REALLY low in aura kingdom and i don't want to look like a wimp.T^T so i'll just do elsword cus i'm lv 19! so all those who play it come come! we all can meet up on server solace on ch.3 in case if your are lv 1-18. then find me at ruben village on the bridge. you'll be looking for KakashiChi. you can come a 12:00am or start preparing at 11:00pm on friday the 17th. i would make it earlier but theres this weird thing with my internet where it only works after 12. well, see you there! sincrerely your captain, KONATAgamer14 (p.s.also i am the character Ara Haan.)

    Black Butler! Who Is The Best Character?

    Posted by on 10/27/13 00:05 Event Date: 11/02/13 21:00

    first of all I will announce the winning anime from the last event! in first place comes soul eater!(yay!) even though death note is a very great anime there were more votes for soul eater! sorry death note lovers! now this weeks otaku event! the world loved black butler has many favorite fans so you black butler fans will choose! who is the best? from reapers to masters. from demons to angels. who will get the fan favorite award? you will get to choose! please make a discussion, post a comment on my profile, or send me a message! epically your captain, KONATAgamer14 p.s. heres a little black butler pic that I just LOVE! its like if black butler was present day.

    Guess The Anime Character Contest [COMPLETE]

    Posted by on 09/28/13 19:18 - Updated on 09/28/13 19:20 Event Date: 09/28/13 09:30

    Woohoo!! Thanks to all you awesome Otaku's who participated!! Here are the top 3 contestants! 1st Place: KONATAgamer14 2nd Place: animeexpert35 3rd Place: Ranton2408 Congrats~ Now here is the same picture, except with the answers added on! (Don't forget to click the image for better quality!)


    Posted by on 09/27/13 01:26 - Updated on 09/27/13 01:27 Event Date: 09/25/13 21:00

    Hi everyone! It's Valkyriea64 here!! Get ready, because it's about to go down. O.O Try to guess the names of each randomly selected anime character, from the picture of their eyes. And try to guess them before your fellow Otaku's beat you to it!! You don't have to know them all, but if you got one just send me your guess, and later I'll post who won and what happens to the winners! :3 GOODLUCK!!! *CLICK THE IMAGE FOR BETTER QUALITY* (If I've removed the picture from my profile, it means the contest is over!)


    Posted by on 09/13/13 22:05 Event Date: 09/19/13 21:00

    since no events have been running i've decided to make a random one! from today september the 13th to the 20th the otaku who can send me the cutest anime picture will win! you can paste a picture onto a message and send me it. you can send me cute cute pictures, cute romance pictures, or cute sexy guy pictures! but i will not except them if they are not anime! ok, let the games of cuteness begin! XD sincerely your otaku captain KONATAgamer14 over and out! ;)

    starlight story party!!!

    Posted by on 04/13/13 17:54 - Updated on 05/03/13 16:30 Event Date: 04/25/13 09:30

    if you have an account on starlight story i am hosting a group party that will try and defeat the bosses. you will be meeting me a.k.a. artemis at falkie plains and i'll explain along the way. this epic event will happen on the 25 at 6:30. so come on down and lets have an anime mmorpg rocking time!!! i'm real sorry my otakus but i was on a trip to san fransico to japan town so maybe another time. ;)

    avatar character contest winners!

    Posted by on 04/13/13 18:11 Event Date: 04/13/13 21:00

    the winners for the character pic contest are . . . 1ST PLACE: iSugerRush 2ND PLACE: Lisette_Musume 3TH PLACE: stlandlord

    character avatar pic contest

    Posted by on 03/25/13 13:30 Event Date: 03/25/13 21:00

    the member who has the best avatar pic wins. yeah i know its kind of boring but the one who wins can know because i will send them a private message! ;)

    monster hunt CLICK HERE

    Posted by on 03/12/13 15:07 Event Date: 03/25/13 14:40

    i will be hosting a monster hunt on eden eternal.we all must meet at angor quarry at 5:40 on the 25 monday. please come!

    otaku contest CLICK HERE

    Posted by on 03/23/13 15:53 Event Date: 03/23/13 21:00

    in this event we otakus will have a contest! we will see which member can get the most otakus to join this group! the person who gets the most will get a series of prizes! leave comments or discussions to say how many people you invite. the prizes include the following: to make their own event and get a promotion and get one vote in their karma and get my phone number! p.s. this event goes one all year long!