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sorry T^T

Posted by on 03/22/14 22:33

sorry everyone if you got four or more elesis announcements because i think i clicked the post button a little too many times. i'm really sorry!

new character!! ELESIS!!

Posted by on 03/21/14 08:27

yayyyyy!!!!! another new character in my top game and its a girl!! T^T(YES!) most likely i am going to make a new character and its going to be elesis but i still work alot on my ara haan character. o...

the winner is...

Posted by on 03/05/14 13:47

SAO! looks like sword art online is way more popular than fullmetal (sorry edward looks like you need to be taller) so here are the results: SAO 4 fulmetal 1 undecided 1 otakuly your captain KONATAg...

inu x butler

Posted by on 02/27/14 23:52

hey everybody i am making a fan fiction called inu x butler because its a crossover of inu x boku ss and black butler i just wanted to know if anybody had any ideas that could help me.

this weeks two animes! time to decide!

Posted by on 02/25/14 03:08 - Updated on 02/25/14 03:14

for the which anime is best contest i picked fullmetal alchemist brotherhood and sword art online! you get to decide which anime is the best and greatest! now decide away! excitely your captain, KONA...


Posted by on 02/16/14 03:05

the shows about gods, phantoms, and five-yen coins! its all mostly action but funny too! i'm makine this announcement because i want to encourage everybody to watch it! if its not your type of anime t...

Epic otaku christmas song!! XD

Posted by on 12/07/13 02:24

tune to We Wish You A Merry Christmas 1.we wish you a merry Christmas! we wish you a merry Christmas! we wish you a merry Christmas! and a happy new year! good anime we bring for you otaku good anim...


Posted by on 12/07/13 02:08 - Updated on 12/07/13 02:15

hey you guys! sorry I haven't logged on in so long! my computer broke but now its working again! so otaku merry Christmas!!!!! hope all of you guys get snow! oh and by the way I have an event for Chri...

NEW weekly event!

Posted by on 10/18/13 00:45

my fellow otakus I was getting bored so I've made a weekly event for the otaku brigade! every week there will be two animes chosen. you will get to pick which one is best! the two animes of the week ...

Otaku Brigade website!

Posted by on 10/10/13 16:07 - Updated on 10/10/13 16:08

my epic fellow otakus, I've been soooo bored lately T^T so I've been thinking about making a website all for the otaku brigade! sure it won't be as big as this one but it will be cool! once i'm done ...