public77Group Leader: RoyelteeCreated: 03/03/13

    Free for fun duels

    Posted by on 03/05/13 21:05 Event Date: 03/29/13 20:00

    At aven "CH4" server "Sapphire" we will be having free for fun duels and chats ^-^ Now for Diamond server, I'm still planning when and where we will have ours. I know this doesn't seem interesting, but it will be fun. I've been to a lot of those things and it was great. If any questions or comments please PM me(Nanikaru).

    Leader for a month

    Posted by on 03/07/13 23:44 Event Date: 03/20/13 14:00

    In Eden Eternal this time it will be for sapphire server. For those on diamond please check back in case of more events similar to this one. We will all be at aven CH3 next to the portal.You guys will find Yatsuna(Nanikaru(me)) and tell me you are here for the event. If I find no one there, I will drop it. After we all met at the portal I will lead everyone to a special place. Now, the grand prize is a 1 month leadership for THIS group on aeria, and 500g. To participate, you will all whisper one possible cute character name you would use for yourself(or an epic name if you are male). There are other things in this event MUCH better than the one I just explained to you. Remember; meet at the portal at aven CH3 on 20-03-2013 6:00 p.m GMT. If you have any comments or questions, please message me(Nanikaru).