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DDTankFanClub Announcements (Event)

Posted by on 04/16/13 09:40

Alright for those who play DDTank we just got a new event http://www.aeriagames.com/forums/en/viewtopic.php?t=1961081 it easy, just guess how much characters GM Hadouken has in total for all servers. ...

DDTankFanClub Announcements

Posted by on 03/25/13 23:26

hey guys im just trying this out so if ou are reading this then dont cause it wouldnt make sense doing so and just in case you just ignore what i just said you just wasted like 5 seconds of your life ...

Welcome :D!

Posted by on 02/11/13 23:01

This is DDT's new club exclusively for DDT members to chat, hang out and have fun! This club will host games, contests and even events~ so tell everyone you know to come and join this new group~! New ...