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Grimlocks cards - please do not respond here

Posted by GrimMastiff on Tue Feb 26 09:41:32 2013
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Here is the deal with the distribution of Grim's cards. I first asked abut needs, and I have Fulfilled some of the specified needs mentioned by folk, as that is the first key.... Make sure cards go to where it does the best good.

Second, there were 37 cards. That gives everyone 2 cards except for the last three folk into the guild, Aries, Brian and Victoria, who can have one choice.

The following people have received two cards to fulfill requests: Hubbe, Jazzy, Robbie, Bludwarf, Aramici, Sander.

The following have taken only one card and still have one to take: Lelonie, Zyko, SodaPop, and myself.

I will take requests and fulfill them as I deem the most equitable on the reaming cards. Look in battle chat as to when I will end the request period from folk who haven't gotten their requests in to me. This time period will be about 24 hours, no less than. If there are peeps who have not signed in to request cards, then they snooze and lose, and I will open up the remaining cards to those who have already received two.

Any questions, then message me. My goal is to get cards that people need and want them, but especially to those that are around and reading the battle chat. OK?..... OK

One final thing: DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS FORUM, RESPOND ONLY TO BATTLE CHAT OR TO ME DIRECTLY with questions and requests. Thanks you

Here are the remaining cards:

Evil Commander: R
Blaze Assassin: R
HSP-001: R
Holy Dragon: R
Naglfar: R
Pices+: R
Lemures: R
Thor+: R
Fully evolved Pure Aquarius: HR
Fully evolved Blazing Balrog: HR (qty x3)
Fully evolved Twin Gemini: HR
Dracula++: R
Fully evolved Divine High Priestess: HR
Fully evolved Chief BeastRider: HR
Fully evolved Horsemaster Helena: HR
Urd: HR
Jungle Hunter Phina: HR
Typhon: HR
Fully evolved Marquis Vine: HR

OK, let's hear from ya,