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Rearguard Strategy

Posted by Scouted_ on Tue Feb 5 13:27:28 2013 - Updated on Tue Feb 5 13:27:28 2013
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Top guilds have a super active Rearguard. Where Vanguards bring home the points, Rearguards provide them the means to do so. Currently in the vanilla battle system, the best idea is to give each member of the Rearguard a specific job. Some build ATK combos, others build Assist.

For ATK, currently the best tactic is to get 10 C cards from questing and make a team with them. Each card costs 4 mana to use and deals 1 point of damage. The idea is to do minimum damage to the enemy so our Vanguards can use the combo bonuses to get massive points. You'll be able to stack 20 attack combos before you need to recharge. So If we have 7 ATK Rears, that's 140 ATK combo on the first recharge alone!

Assists are much more simple. If you are aren't part of the ATK combo group, equip your best cards and and start building Assists. Assists are probably the most important combo to increase, as they grant ATK and DEF bonuses to Vanguards. The bonuses are determined by your cards' stats, so the better the cards, the better the bonuses, which means we all get more points.