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Scouted's Card Swap Shop

Posted by Scouted_ on Mon Feb 4 13:36:54 2013
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I'm gonna be listing spare cards I have no need for. Feel free to ask for something you like. The only thing I ask is to keep an eye out for something on my want list. :)


-Thor (R) x1
-Starlight Priestess (R) x2
-High Elf (R) x1
-Sorceress (R) x3
-Holy Dragon (R) x1
-HSP 001 (R) x1
-Cupid (R) x1
-Catwoman (R) x1
-Succubus (R) x1
-Jungle Hunter Phina (HR) x1
-[Rabbit Master] Rafae (HR) x2 (not trading until after the event)
-Dark Cupid (SR) x1

-Florence (R) x1
-Venus (R) x1
-Pisces (R) x1
-Anubis (R) x1
-Gemini (R) x2
-Heart Golem (R) x1
-Gabriel (R) x2
-Persephone (HR) x2
-Verdandi (HR) x1

-Sera (R) x2
-Lich (R) x2
-Balrog (R) x1
Next is my wants. These are ordered by most desired, and I don't want evolved forms, unless you evolved both cards at least at lvl30 for R, perfect stats for anything above that.


1. Valentina (R) as many as you can spare :)
2. Bamel (R) need 1
3. Mephistopheles (HR) need 3
4. Lionel (R) need 3
5. Berserker (R) need 3
6. Odr (R) need 3
7. Vine (R) need 1
8. Cerberus (R) need 3
9. Lastly, any Fire (HR) and above you don't want. (pushing my luck, I know)